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Keep the elements outside, where they belong.

APOC Sealing Solutions

The smallest elements can cause the biggest headaches when they find their way into a building. Water intrusion can lead to mold and structural deterioration. Blazing hot or on the flip side, frigid exterior temperatures can quickly fatigue seals to the point of failure. Properly sealing the building envelope, from skylights and vents to termination bars, HVAC units and solar supports is a critical component of roof construction and maintenance.

APOC offers a full line of sealants and caulks to support proper sealing of new buildings and re-sealing existing structures utilizing acrylic, asphalt, neoprene, silicone and modified silicone technologies. Find these APOC products in tubes, sausages and pails at your nearest commercial roofing distributor or contact your APOC representative for more information.

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