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Roofs protect buildings. We protect roofs.

Professional Roofers Rely on APOC

Roofs are completely underrated. They do more than protect the building contents, keeping people, furniture and assets safe, clean and dry. The roof also protects the building structure. An unsound roof can allow water to penetrate the building envelope increasing the potential for water damage, mold and structural instability.

The APOC portfolio of roofing products includes everything from restoration systems for massive industrial facilities to products and accessories for new homes. See APOC Project Profiles for examples of how our team members have supported roofing projects from coast to coast. And there’s nothing better than a vote of confidence from other building owners and contractors. View testimonials to learn more about how APOC solves problems and saves roofs.

Residential Roofing

APOC offers residential roofing contractors a variety of options for providing an environmental barrier from the elements through high quality underlayments. Learn more about our line of organic roofing felts and synthetic underlayments, in addition to our cements, mastics, tapes and other residential roofing products.

Roof Repair & Maintenance

Roofs shoulder Mother Nature's greatest burdens. They need a certain level of upkeep to remain healthy and performant. Repair and maintenance go hand-in-hand to ensure your roofing investment continues to deliver upon expectations. Learn more about how periodic maintenance can extend the life of your roof, avoiding costly replacements.

Roof Restoration

There's a reason APOC's slogan is, "The roof restoration experts." We offer more solutions for roof restoration than any other application since the benefits of restoring are so great. Roofs are expensive to begin with, but replacing an existing roof can be even worse. Find out how APOC restoration systems deliver customized, seamless protection that defends against UV rays, temperature extremes, ponding water and other major threats while offering substantial savings over tear-offs.

New Roof Construction

Installing a new roof is not as simple as it may seem. The contractor needs to understand local building codes, energy certification requirements, and special applications for the roof, among other things. Learn how APOC helps reduce cost and improve performance through better system design for new roof construction. 


Sometimes, the condition of a roof is so poor that it cannot be a candidate for roof restoration. This is unfortunate since the investment required to get the roof back in good condition will cost significantly more than the cost to repair and restore. Before making this expensive decision, learn how APOC can help.

Cool Roofing

Reflective roof coatings allow both light and heat from the sun to be reflected back into the atmosphere. This greatly reduces temperatures inside the building, thus lowering cooling effort and cost. Find out how APOC can be used to give your building greater levels of energy efficiency.

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