36" x 144'

APOC® 46 Tuff-Felt® Premium Roof Underlayment

Technical Data

Technical Data

APOC® 46
Tuff-Felt® Premium Roof Underlayment

  • Tru-Breathe™ Technology
  • Safe-Step™ Technology
  • Excellent underlayments for steep-slope roofing
  • Can be installed under all types of building materials

APOC® Tuff-Felt® Premium Asphalt Saturated Underlayments are designed and manufactured with our exclusive, heavy weight reinforcements that greatly increase tensile strength and prevent the tearing of felts during installation. Tuff-Felt products are made from a select combination of virgin and recycled wood pulp and are produced using a unique and specialized process. This unique process allows Tuff-Felt products to incorporate Tru-Breathe™ and Safe-Step™ Technology, resulting in vastly improved underlayments that have been “Tested Best” by leading roofing contractors.