4' Bridge Dek 1-1/2"
4' Bridge Dek 1-1/4"
4' Bridge Dek 1-3/4"
4' Bridge Dek 1/2"
4' Bridge Dek 3/4"
8' Bridge Dek 3/8"
8' Bridge Dek 1/2"
4' Bridge Dek 2"

APOC® 5720 Bridge-Dek

Technical Data

Technical Data

APOC® 5720

  • Heavy Duty Waterproofing Panel
  • Dual Fiberglass Reinforcing Layers
  • Use on Railroad and Bridge Construction
  • Zero Perm Rating

APOC® 5720 Bridge-Dek asphalt planks are used and approved by leading railroad companies throughout the United States, to protect the waterproofing membranes on railroad bridges. They are a tough, durable, protective cover designed to protect the various membrane waterproofing systems found on railroad bridges. While not intended as a waterproofing membrane APOC® Bridge-Dek planks consist of a core of air blown asphalt and mineral fiber which is covered on both sides with a flexible inorganic fiberglass mat. The result is a moldable, water repellent panel that will not shrink or decay.